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Tainted to Repainted

Our exclusive video tutorials give you everything you need to create hand-painted, decorative masterpieces, transforming them from tainted to repainted. Filmed with the novice in mind, these detailed videos walk you through the process of turning tired surfaces and blank canvases into phenomenal works of art. As the ideal alternative to expensive remodeling and redecorating, you will be elated with the beautiful, professional look you can accomplish yourself.

Find out for yourself how Tainted to Repainted is revolutionizing the remodeling and decorating industry.



See an example of a cabinet transformation! This video shows the before and after of a cabinet refinish. 

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Hidden Treasures

Hidden treasures are everywhere, you just have to look! Our tutorials can help you transform them into works of art!

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Hear what our customers have to say about Tainted to Repainted and our tutorials!

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